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How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes Buying a New Home

Over the past two decades I have had the opportunity to work closely with leaders in the home building industry all across the United States and with home owners on hundreds of projects as a residential architect. As a result of this work, many friends have sought my help when buying homes. In addition, a real estate agent who became a dear friend and great source of referrals often asked me to advise her clients about the likely cost of architectural upgrades for homes under consideration. In the process of helping others, it often amazed me how much was left to chance and how many critical factors were missing in the home selection process. It was also frustrating to watch people routinely spend hundreds of dollars for home inspections when more specialized expertise on critical areas of concern would prove much more helpful to the purchase decision and negotiation process.

Based on this experience and three home purchases of my own, I have developed a system that addresses the most common major pitfalls selecting and making deals on new homes. Helping friends and family select great homes that have stood the test of time has been extremely rewarding.

Real estate agents and consulting attorneys are adept at taking clients through the sales transaction. However, if you haven’t made a good choice, they are only executing a bad judgment for you and your family. This guide is designed to help you make a great home buying decision; one that is suited to your needs and resources. It’s also about keeping the experience the exciting and fun adventure it should be. The resulting economic and emotional benefits can last a long time.

Enjoy the thrill of owning a great home; you deserve it!

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The author appreciates review and comments on various versions of this book from a number of friends and professional colleagues. In particular, he thanks his wife, Suzanne, for extra motivation along with critical ideas improving the overall concept, creative execution, and marketing materials. Most of all, she has contributed substantial ideas behind this book as a great partner purchasing three wonderful homes for our family.


The information provided on the Sam's Home Buying Tips web site and "How to Avoid 10 Biggest Mistakes Buying a New Home" guide represents the best professional judgment of the author based on 20+ years experience as an architect, 10+ years experience working with the nation's home building industry to establish more efficient building practices, and wide experience advising friends and clients on new home purchases. The information provided on this web site does not address all possible concerns involved in purchasing a new home and is not intended to guarantee that difficulties or problems won't be encountered with a new home purchase based on the advice provided.