Sam's Home Buying Tips

How to Avoid the 10 Biggest Mistakes Buying a New Home

Mistake No. 9 – Not Getting the Right Expert Opinion:

Which Experts Do Your Really Need?

It is a common mistake to simply assume a traditional home inspection is all you need to validate a purchase decision. A home inspection can provide an objective and valuable audit, but qualifications of home inspectors are typically limited to a general background in home construction. However, the checklists completed in the earlier sections often reveal critical concerns better addressed by one or more specialized experts in addition to, or in lieu of, the home inspection.

The ‘Expert Opinion Table’ provided in this section lists many of the concerns that can be uncovered using this guide, which expert services address these concerns, and special considerations related to their services. Getting the right expert input can help identify significant maintenance cost liabilities, provide leverage for securing a better deal, or ensure needed repairs are made under the seller’s watch rather than yours. These additional expert opinions should be considered an important part of your home purchase decision and negotiation process.